Power Generation, T&D Substations& Compressors

Jubail Pearl is EPC Contractor for execution of power generations, transformers, transmission line, and various substations, In cooperation with the highest technology manufacturers worldwide.

By means of strategic partnerships with the world’s renowned equipment manufacturers, we supply full competitive solutions for overhead transmission lines and electrical substations for all voltage levels, irrespective of the type of substations or equipment (AIS, GIS or HIS).

We, with the support of the entire group, has the necessary means and know-how to execute highly efficient turnkey power generation projects.
The technologies we have available cover a large range of size and applications, using as fuel either natural gas or harnessing the potential of renewable resources: waste, bio-fuel or biomass. Today, cogeneration represents the most efficient method for power generation, allowing important primary energy saving and at the same time reducing the impact upon the environment. For those reasons, cogeneration represents a core element of all European strategies in the power field.
Sub stations: SMS series mobile substations are used for applications like temporary power demands, mining applications, military camps, industrial facilities, emergency power demands and additional power requests. SMS series mobile substations can be mounted on trailer, platform, wagon, vessel according to the application and HV switching equipment can be chosen as gas insulated or air insulated. Complete substation can be equipped with remote control systems. SMS series mobile substations can be produced in a short time and low cost in comparison with fixed type substations.

Compressors: We specialize in mobile Diesel Air compressor, custom build air dryer, hoses, manifold as well as booster compressors and nitrogen packages.